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Philips launches 32-inch 4K monitor with USB-C input

THE Philips Launched this week a new 32-inch 4K (38402160 pixels) Ultra HD technology monitor for design and editing professionals. Although it was announced almost a year ago, the Philips Brilliance Only can hit the market now still, he has some features that do not let him eat bread for competition.

Among the characteristics of the monitor, the main one may be the USB-C connection which lets you reload, view high-resolution video, and transfer data at high speed from your MacBook and MacBook Pro all at the same time and over a single cable.

Philips Brilliance Monitor

In more detail, the fully reversible USB-C port also supports DisplayPort technology; four USB-A 3.0 inputs and one RJ-45 Ethernet cable port. The monitor can deliver up to 60W for the MacBook or MacBook Pro (13 ″), eliminating the need to plug in the notebook while the external display is used. In addition to charging the MacBook, two of the USB-A ports also offer fast charging for mobile devices.

Monitor supports 400 typical brightness nits (and maximum brightness of 600 nits); the static contrast ratio from 3,000: 1 expandable to 80,000,000: 1 with technology SmartContrast. In addition, the screen offers horizontal and vertical viewing angles of up to 178 and can be rotated to be fully vertical.

Philips Brilliance Monitor

The Philips Brilliance has also received Vesa DisplayHDR 600 certification, which means it supports HDR10 one of the first standards of the HDR format. Although not an HDR10 +, it offers great video and gaming quality.

Generally, brighter lights are stronger, so they can cause eye damage in addition to affecting a person's sleep quality. To prevent this problem, Philips has also implemented Night Shift LowBlue Mode, which helps to reduce the amount of blue (white) light rays emitted by the monitor.

Philips Brilliance Monitor

Philips begins sales of the Brilliance monitor in Europe in November. In the US, the monitor is expected to cost $ 620, but there is still no availability forecast. The manufacturer also stated that the prices and specifications of the different Brilliance 328P6 monitors may vary depending on the region.

via AppleInsider