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Phil Schiller talks about Apple's smartphone lineup, recent system bugs and more

Naturally, after Apple launches new products, its executives turn up several times in interviews to talk a little about the releases.

Just five days ago, Ma's senior vice president of global marketing, Phil Schiller, talked about iPhone X, iMac Pro and HomePod. This time in an interview for the The Telegraph, he told us more about the products, as well as commenting on the many bugs in the company's software.

In 2017, Apple's line of smartphones grew, and to start the conversation, Schiller was pleased to talk about how the new handsets represent a "breakthrough for the company." About the iPhone 8He also said that Apple wanted to create a "new generation phone" just as it usually does.

It was a very new year for us. something we planned for a long time, we wanted the opportunity to create a new generation phone like we did every year, and that was the 8th.

Of course, it would be impossible to talk about the company's new phones without mentioning the big star, the iPhone X which, unlike 8, intended to go beyond.

At the same time, we wanted to create something that was even more aggressive, with a different direction from where the iPhone was going, and that's iPhone X. Something we hadn't offered before, but it worked very well.

With a larger line of smartphones, it is said that the variety of handsets can get in the way, but Schiller still believes that each device caters to one type of customer and, as an example, cited the iPhone SE, which was launched almost two years ago and continues in line because it still "meets the needs" of consumers. And, as might be expected, he declined to talk if the device had an update next year, as rumors have suggested.

When did you need to deal with the delay of HomePod, something that could hurt the company, the executive modified the speech to favor Ma, saying that what sets Apple apart from competing companies, which launch products without being 100% ready.

Not everyone in our industry follows this pattern. We are now entering this smart speaker market we want in our home.

Some companies like to launch things, even thinking that they won't be successful at first; We care a lot about the quality of the things we want to launch, so if it's not ready, it's not ready yet.

Finally, Schiller talked about the bug flurry which appeared on Apple systems, such as MacOS root failure, various iOS 11 issues, and even a vulnerability in HomeKit. Focusing on the most recent problems, the executive made the point that it was just "a bad week."

We just had a bad week. Some things happened, just that. The team will audit the systems and carefully analyze the process, conduct in-depth searches and do everything to prevent this from happening again.

The full interview is only available to subscribers (unfortunately) of the The Telegraph, on this page.

via 9to5Mac