Petition asks LG to bring AirPlay to more TVs; HomeKit can control various aspects of the devices.

Petition asks LG to bring AirPlay to more TVs; HomeKit can control various aspects of the devices.

Although Apple does not participate in Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the coolest news from the 2019 edition of the fair is all about Ma: of course, support AirPlay 2 It's from HomeKit TVs from various manufacturers. Only not all are flowers.

As we noted in this article, the LG announced that only its latest models of TVs, manufactured in 2019, will gain protocol support and HomeKit integration unlike its main competitor, Samsung, which will bring the news to 2018 devices through a software update. Now, dissatisfied consumers have petitioned the manufacturer to implement technology support on older TV models.

The petition was set up by user Doney den Ouden and currently has about 950 signatures within a few hours of creation. Specifically, she asks LG to support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit for the company's OLED (ie, the most expensive) models manufactured between 2016 and 2018, which, as the petition's own introduction text recalls, has already been It is shown possible by Samsung that they upgrade their TVs with a simple software update.

It remains to be seen if Sony's customers will do something similar: Japanese, after all, will also implement Apple's protocol support only on its latest models.


In a related note, the developer Khaos Tian took a deeper look at the app codes Home (Home) and shared on Twitter today what integrating TVs with HomeKit would give users practicality:

HomeKit for TV includes on / off support, volume control, input, brightness, media control (play, pause, etc.), image mode and features of the remote control itself (key simulation).

(Someone forgot to remove plain-metadata-full.config from release 😝).

Apparently all this support is already built into the current version of the application they are not active. On the subject of LG TVs from previous years, the developer puts more wood in the fire adding that the controls match the model APIs perfectly; therefore, “supporting older TVs would not be much work,” Tian said.

It is also well known that with the addition of HomeKit, users will be able to control their TVs through Siri, instructing the assistant to stream content to a particular device and turn it on automatically. Cool, isn't it?

via 9to5Mac, iDownloadBlog