Perserverance: The NASA rover that will explore the mysteries of Mars already has an official name

The rover that the North American Space Agency plans to send to the Red Planet in the Mars 2020 mission already has an official name: Perseverance (Portuguese perseverance). Altogether, in the Name The Rover contest, launched in August 2019, NASA received 28,000 student proposals from pre-school to high school. The winning idea came from Alexander Mather, a seventh year student from the state of Virginia.

To find the name of the rover, NASA relied on a team of more than 4,000 judges, in addition to public assistance. According to the Space Agency, among the nine finalists were proposals such as Endurance, Tenacity, Promise, Vision, Clarity, Fortitude, Ingenuity and Courage (courage). To mark the change with "pomp and circumstance", the rover won a new Twitter account and has started to communicate with the world.

Although we are a kind of explorer, we will encounter many setbacks on the route to Mars. However, we will be able to persevere. We, not as a nation, but as humans, will not give up, wrote Alexander Mather in submission to NASA's challenge. As a prize, the young man will accompany the launch of the rover, which follows on board the Atlas V rocket, in Cape Canaveral, in July this year.

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