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Periscope – How does it work? Pros, Cons, Price and How to Download

Periscope is a free application owned by Twitter. It is a streaming app, ie video streaming, but with a differential: only real-time video.

And after all, how does Periscope work, what are its pros and cons, how to download and use it? Here we present this and other important information about the application. Check out!

How does Periscope work?

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Periscope is an app for streaming videos in real time on Twitter and other social networks. A great tool for anyone who wants to interact differently with their followers, without just focusing on text messages and images.

As soon as the user logs in to the app, the user must offer information about their Twitter account (or other network) so that their Periscope profile is automatically integrated into the social network.

After that just start streaming live videos on your profile on Twitter and other networks. Although this is the main purpose of Periscope, the application offers other features.

You can, for example, view videos of your friends, as well as popular broadcasts (with many views) of people the user does not follow.

In addition, the user can invite his followers to view the video as well as interact with them. But, there is an important detail: the transmitted videos are available for 24 hours only.

The best thing is that you don't have to have a professional camera to transmit, to use the smartphone or tablet. The higher the quality of the camera, the better.

Periscope Rating

Periscope is a complete streaming application for users of Twitter and other networks, offering basic and extremely effective features. It is easy to use the app, which has a nice and nice interface, winning the first contact with the tool.

The app's functions are made clear and easy to access, which optimizes the use of Periscope by simply tapping the screen to start a live video.

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<p>In addition, the app allows for better contact with followers, who can give likes with little hearts on videos and help better rank the profile and page on Twitter, as well as the broadcasts.</p>
<p>The only point to be considered by users is the slow start to the application on some smartphones and tablets, ie, may present performance issues.</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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There is yet another important issue: for video to be transmitted with quality it must be connected to a Wi-Fi network or use a data packet (in this case, be careful not to spend your entire plan on a single transmission).

Pros and Cons of Periscope

Just like any other application, Periscope has some pros and cons that should be considered by the user who wants to download and use a streaming tool. Here are the main ones:

Pros / Advantages of Periscope

Cons / Disadvantages of Periscope

Periscope Price

As said earlier, Periscope is a free application, so just download it and use it normally. But, there are some specific functions that are only released with in-app purchases. Therefore, if you want to use them, it will only be possible after paying the values ​​indicated in the tool.

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<h2>How to download Periscope</h2>
<p>Periscope is an easy application to download and install. Here's a step-by-step step to quickly perform these procedures:</p>
<li>Access the app store from your smartphone or tablet;</li>
<li>In the search field, type Periscope;</li>
<li>Download the application and wait for the installation to be done automatically;</li>
<li>Tap the app icon and open an account. Alternatively, you can skip this step by simply providing your Twitter account data to access Periscope.</li>
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