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Performance of new iPads Pro against new 13 ″ MacBook Pro – configured “on the stalk” – impresses

Year after year, Apple brags a lot on the advances it has made in developing the chips that power iPhones and iPads. And she's right and every right to do that, because the heels really are phenomenal.

Proof of this is in a comparison made by the Bare Feats among the new iPads Pro (both 10.5 and 12.9 inches) and the new 13 ″ MacBook Pro is configured “on the stalk” with 3.5GHz Intel Core i7 processor (with Turbo boost at 4GHz), 16GB of 2,133MHz LPDDR3 RAM and 1TB of SSD. The machine comes out for $ 2,900 l, enough to buy three (!) 10.5 ″ Wi-Fi iPads with 512GB capacity and a spare.

O Bare Feats also played in comparison with the previous 13 ″ MacBook Pro (2016 model), with 3.1GHz Intel Core i7 processor, and the two previous iPad Pro (9.7 inch had been released in 2016; the 12, 9 inches in 2015).

But let's finally get to the tests:

CPU on Geekbench 4

This may be the “fairest” test of all, as we are talking about a dedicated non-GPU MacBook Pro (but the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650). The laptop is still in front of the tablets, but not with a lazy edge; On test multi-coreSo the iPads touched cool.

Bare Feats - iPad Pro Vs. MacBook Pro

Bare Feats - iPad Pro Vs. MacBook Pro

Compute (Metal) on Geekbench 4

Here the iPads Pro already outperform the MacBook Pro, especially considering that the gains from Apple's graphics chips are far more significant than in processing. It would be curious, of course, to put in this comparison also a 15 ″ MacBook Pro with dedicated GPU.

Bare Feats - iPad Pro Vs. MacBook Pro

GFXBench Metal

In this test, then, the iPads Pro really give a bath.

Bare Feats - iPad Pro Vs. MacBook Pro

Bare Feats - iPad Pro Vs. MacBook Pro

· • ·

This all shows that yes, chances are we will see Apple adopting its own processors on Macs in the not too distant future. Intel take care

Not to mention, of course, that along with the news that iOS 11 brings is more than proven that the iPad Pro now has full capacity to replace PCs / Macs for many people.

via Laptop Mag