Perfect Pair – Dating & Relationship Application

The Perfect Pair an app totally dedicated to those who seek a new love. It is an App that helps the user to meet people, start a new relationship or a new friendship, all simply and quickly.

Interestingly, the Perfect Par App derived from a website of the same name. Both have the same function: facilitating contact and meeting between people interested in living a new relationship. However, the app offers different functionality that makes the user experience much more special.

Still don't know the App? In this case, check out a full review on Par Perfeito, how it works and enjoy downloading the app on your smartphone!

How the Perfect Pair Works

Perfect Pair - Dating & Relationship Application

When downloading the App and opening it for the first time, the user has to register, informing personal characteristics, interests and likes. Such information will be used to suggest compatible profiles, increasing the chance of finding some interesting.

The app also allows you to search profiles that fit what the user wants. To do this, simply use the Perfect Pair search field, and you can refine your search using the tool's filters.

Found any that looks like your better half? s like the person's profile and start a chat conversation with them. uncomplicated, fast and simple! You can flirt with the App, find out if you really match and advance the virtual contact for a personal meeting.

Main functions

  1. Search for compatible profiles using the search field: the differential that is possible to customize the search indicating locality, age group, gender, sexual orientation, among other details;
  2. Profile view: When you find something interesting, the application offers the option to check the full profile of that person, allowing you to know more about them – which makes it easier to chat via chat;
  3. Communication via App: Want to chat with another user that has to do with you? So just use the Perfect Pair chat;
  4. Profile Activities: Did you like someone's profile and want to show interest? For this, the application offers options of activities such as enjoy, give a wink, among others;
  5. Adding Profiles to Favorites: This is the ideal function for the user who wants to make a list of their favorite compatible profiles, and can quickly find them whenever they want;
  6. Photo uploads: The app lets you upload images directly from your phone file, always quickly;
  7. Notifications: This is a function available in the app only. It beeps with each new message you receive, allowing you to quickly know if the other user has an interest in maintaining the conversation.

Technical sheet

Perfect Pair - Dating & Relationship Application

  1. Free application;
  2. Available for Android and iOS operating systems;
  3. It occupies 16.46MB of memory on Android and 68.5MB on iOS;
  4. Requests permission to access GPS, photo and media files, camera and Wi-Fi connection.

Perfect Price

The app is available in the free version, but with limited functions. If you want to use specific features of the tool, the user has to buy a subscription plan, which is available from $ 7.

Prs Perfect Pair

  1. Great for those who are shy and have difficulty starting a conversation in person. I can do it for the App, which breaks the ice and already makes both users more comfortable for a personal contact;
  2. Easy usability, with simple interface and correctly organized, allowing to quickly identify the main functions of the application and the settings menu;
  3. Quickness to find compatible people, because of the suggestions sent by the application. uncomplicated and quick to discover some special – which does not always happen in real life;
  4. User profiles are more detailed, allowing you to know more about them without making an initial contact. the opportunity to find common tastes and use this to start a chat conversation.

Cons of the Perfect Pair App

  1. Extensive initial registration, which can be tiring for some users who have in mind to quickly use the application. But, it is important to fill in all the requested information, as it helps the App to find people who have the same interests as the user, increasing the chance of the relationship or friendship to work out;
  2. Different functions, which escape the basics, are paid. Therefore, if you want to enhance your chances of getting noticed by someone or talking directly to the person who piqued your interest, you will need to have an extra expense.