Peppermint OS 7 Review

Peppermint OS 7 – What did I think of the system?

There are Linux distributions with the most varied proposals, one of them Peppermint OS, a distribution that aims to be a light and beautiful operating system, as an intermediary between desktop applications and cloud applications.

Peppermint OS 7 Review

Peppermint OS is a mix of various concepts, we have Linux Mint elements, we have Ubuntu elements, and we have things that are developed by the Peppermint OS 7 team itself.

Peppermint OS 7 Review

The predominantly dark desktop theme, the icons are based on the popular Numix Circle, this ensures a sleek look to the system, no doubt, but I can't like a completely dark system so luckily there are themes available that can be easily modified. .

The very simple application set, you'll find everything you need to have a good online and multimedia experience, along with the XFCE interface, makes Peppermint perform well on more modest machines as well.

Check out the system video review now:

Although it has good features, Peppermint OS is not a single system, you can achieve similar results using Xubuntu, or Linux Mint XFCE, its differential tools can also be installed through the system's PPA repository, such as the very interesting ICE, which You saw it on the video.

Peppermint OS 7 is an alternative system, it is up to you whether or not it is a good option for your use.

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