People with special backpacks are collecting data for Apple Maps

We recently reported that Apple is using a second generation of cars equipped with special roof sensors and cameras to collect data and images for the purpose of improving Apple maps. Before, they were Ford vans; now only Subaru cars.

But this is not the only way the company is using to put this data. See s:

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As we can see above, (as Dante Censa shared on Twitter) there are now people walking the streets with backpacks equipped with a system of sensors and cameras. The effort most likely has to do with rebuilding Apple Maps using its own data, the company promised a map with more precision and detail (such as improvements in traffic, real-time road conditions, new construction, changes). on pedestrian walkways, in the shapes of the buildings themselves, in parking spaces, in green areas and more).

Using this camera system in backpacks, Apple has everything to greatly improve details and pedestrian routes in cities where the initiative is being put into practice (as in San Francisco, California).

via MacRumors