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Pentgono approves Android for the Department of Defense

According to the 9to5google blog, the Pentgono has certified a device with Android 2.2 for use in Department of Defense networks, which would be the first smartphone – in addition to RIM's BlackBerry – to receive approval.

To operate in military networks, the US Defense Communications Agency seeks to develop special guidelines for the platform in cooperation with the National Institute of Fathers and Technology, the American Inmetro.

One of the changes is in the restricted access to Android Market due to “security reasons”. However, the Department of Defense is preparing its own app store, with certified and secure apps.

Teri Takai, head of the Department of Defense and Information, commented on the agency's plans: “We want a full range of devices that can operate safely with the Department of Defense app store, but also be able to use commercial app stores ”.

Currently about 650,000 BlackBerrys are in use among US government officials.