Pegman resurfaces in the new Google Maps


Google has announced that Pegman, that little yellow man, who dragged on the map displays the locations already mapped by Street View, is back on the new Google Maps.

“Click and drag it to the location you want to see. Streets with Street View imagery will appear with a blue border. When not in use, Pegman sits at the top of the Google Maps zoom control, ”says the search engine.


Google also announced the arrival of 3D images of buildings and land, something very similar to the features of Google Earth but now available in the browser. The 3D experience can be entered into the content with the Google Earth icon.

When searching for directions, Google Maps also gained the ability to view congestion and incidents in real time, using events reported by users of the Waze app.

Google has put together a collection of almost 200 different pegmans. And can you identify who these two are?