Peak Design's new trip wants to be future market standard

O Kickstarter a platform full of ideas worth knowing, and a project that has been drawing attention on the crowdfunding website the company's new trip Peak design, which manufactures camera accessories. Called from Travel tripodThe product is meant to be carried in a backpack but can be opened and sized to be used in conjunction with professional cameras.

Available in two versions, the tripod is only 39 cm when compressed, allowing you to carry the product easily. When opened, however, the accessory reaches 1.5 meters in height. The device is also not as heavy: the aluminum version is 1.56 kg, while the model is made of lighter carbon fiber, 1.27 kg.

Image: Peak Design

In addition to being tall, the product promises to be sturdy and useful for those who work professionally with imaging. The top of the Tripod holds up to 10kg cameras, according to the manufacturer, which covers most Full Frame models as well as telephoto lenses.

The Travel Tripod also cautions on versatility and features a variety of positioning settings for video capture. The product also has an integrated bracket that allows the use of tripping with a smartphone.

The product is the first trip made by Peak Design and is available for purchase through Kickstarter. The aluminum edition is priced at $ 349.95, about $ 1,421 in direct conversion, while the carbon fiber model can be purchased from the crowdfunding website for $ 599.95, approximately $ 2,436.

Image: Peak Design

The crowdfunding campaign is still in its early days, but it has already raised over $ 3 million with the help of nearly 9,000 employees, while the initial target was only $ 500,000. With this, surely the startup team should be able to deliver the product within the promised launch window, which December this year.

Check out more information about Travel Tripod on the crowdfunding campaign website and also on the video below:

Via: The Verge Source: Kickstarter

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