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PDFelement – A great solution for handling PDF on Android

It is now very common to find people who work directly on the smartphone, the level of applications and resources available is very high, even in the office business. In addition to text editors, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., PDF editors are equally important and today you will get to know the PDFelement.

Who needs editing PDFs on Android you can use the PDFelement for this purpose he a free application developed by wondershare that you find it on Google Play.

Once you download, it is important to create an account and log in to the application in order to fully unlock all functions, otherwise you can only view the documents.

Particularly I like to read books, especially the technicians, making notes and reminders to improve studies and this is a great App for that.

PDFelement Features

O PDFelement It has several cool features for those who like to revise documents or like to use apps to read projects or books, making notes, reminders and page changes.

When opening any document you will see at the bottom a button to edit it, in the text selection part you can highlight, underline the lines or paragraphs or cross out words and phrases.

You can also "draw freehand" to circle, annotate or write.

PDF element features
PDFelement Features

You can also draw rectangles, circles, lines and arrows to mark regions of the text, as well as annotations in regions or words. It is worth mentioning that in the upper region of the App you also have cool features like manipulating your PDF catalog, searching for documents, bookmarking documents for easy access.

All edits you make to PDFs using the PDFelement, including annotations usually work in other PDF reading software, such as Evince for example:

PDF edited with PDFelement
Document edited in PDFelement opened in Evince (Deepin Linux)

You can also edit the pages present in the file by deleting and exporting individual pages via the software:


Definitely a good choice for your work, the guys using Windows can download the desktop version too. through the official websiteHe is also free.

Hope the App is useful for you, see you next time!

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