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PDF Expert comes to version 7 free and with subscriptions; Google Fit and Translator Get News

And we're back with the most important recent updates from popular App Store apps!

Let's take a look at them?

PDF Expert 7

Readdle's PDF reader and editor has recently gained its biggest update in years.

PDF Expert 7 app icon: Edit PDF

With its seventh version, a new business model has also arrived: from now on, the free application has almost all the features present in previous versions; a paid version, unlocked by subscription, brings a world of new tools for those who want even more power with their PDFs.

The free version of PDF Expert 7 has a new, more intuitive design and simpler features. You can compress PDFs and make basic edits to them, as well as annotations, comments, and other minor changes, all in the cloud and synced across your devices.

J PDF Expert 7 PRO, which costs $ 50 per year, brings advanced text editing within PDFs, converting Word, Excel, PowerPoint and image files to format, customizable tool-moving interface, file size reduction feature and much more.

Users of previous versions of the software have access to some of these features, as shown in the table below:

PDF Expert 7 Feature List

PDF Expert 7 is available for free from the App Store.

Google Fit

Google Fit app icon: Fitness Monitor

Google's health and exercise monitoring platform, in turn, has gained some interesting news on both iOS and Android. The first of these is its own Dark Mode, which can be enabled in settings within your profile page.

In addition, we now have manual sleep monitoring, so the user can type in their sleep habits so that the app can do the calculations and advice; Previously, this feature was only available to those with external displays such as watches or smart bracelets.

Google Fit has also brought something new to those who record walking or jogging: You can see your routes on a map with the start time and the total duration of the exercise. Finally, you can add your last workout to the start screen to access your statistics quickly.

Google translator

Google Translate app icon

The unreliable translator of the Mountain View giant, meanwhile, has made improvements to her camera: she now recognizes 88 languages ‚Äč‚Äčand can translate terms into 103 other languages. It also features automatic language detection and has access to automatic neural translation technology, which gives better and more reliable results.


Darkroom - Photo Editor app icon

The iOS photo editor has gained a much-requested feature from users: a smart, self-healing histogram that not only displays the curves of the image but also features a series of smart guides so even the most basic users know what kind of information. They are dealing. The histogram can be accessed from the action menu or settings; on the iPad, it is enabled by default at the top of the tools menu.

In addition, version 4.2 of Darkroom features pure black and white pixels, lighting and dimming tools, and more. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store, with several tools unlocked with in-house purchases.