Learn all about iCloud Drive [atualizado 2x]

PC users gain access to iCloud Drive before Mac users

Despite working very well, the Apple ecosystem known to be well closed. With minor exceptions, the applications and services created by Ma s work on Macs, iPads, iPhones, iPods touch and in some cases on the web.

One of these exceptions is iCloud Drive.

iCloud Drive. All files, on all your devices.

Now you work on the document and the device you want. With iCloud Drive, you can securely store all your presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images and various other types of documents in iCloud and access them on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC. You have 5GB of free storage on iCloud and other storage plans available starting at $ 0.99 per month.

iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad and iPhone

ICloud Drive is now available for iOS 8 users and those who access iCloud.com. However, this is the typical service that is not worth leaving Windows PC users out of, after all, these people also use iPhones and have iCloud accounts. So there is nothing more natural than offering the service to these users, too.

The “problem”, guys, that Apple has already released the iCloud 4.0 Control Panel for Windows, which brings iCloud Drive support. Meanwhile, Mac users will have to wait for the arrival of OS X Yosemite, which they are expected to paint sometime in October.

For these and others I ask myself: why did Apple not implement iCloud Drive support in OS X 10.9.5, released for everyone last week? Regardless, let's hope Yosemite arrives as quickly as possible after all, in addition to iCloud Drive, the new system brings many other cool news.

(via The Verge)