PayPal app: great option to make payment online

PayPal app: great option to make payment online

Making purchases online and investing in the sales system through virtual pages are two alternatives recommended for years by scholars. In the face of this period of social isolation, these alternatives have become even more promising.

And for these actions to be more profitable, for both the customer and the entrepreneur, applications that allow online payment, such as PayPal, need (more than ever) to gain space on cell phones.

Launched in the United States, the PayPal app won over thousands of users in the region even before it expanded its horizons and reached Brazil and other countries.

Currently, this system, which functions as a true digital wallet, allows its more than 123 million users to pay for their purchases with just a few clicks. It sounds surreal, doesn’t it? Check out the pros and cons of this app now:


  • Payments are made quickly, easily and securely;
  • There is a team fully prepared and trained to move users’ money;
  • The application already works in approximately 200 countries;
  • Bank and personal data are required when creating an application login and their storage is the most reliable one ever;
  • PayPal can be accessed on mobile devices and tablets;
  • There is also the option to complete payments by debit, that is, directly from the user’s own bank account;
  • There is no extra charge if the user wants to pay with his credit card;
  • The account user can also receive payments through the app;
  • Completed purchases without leaving home;
  • Possibility to register several cards and active accounts;
  • There is no bureaucracy and it doesn’t even take time to create a new account;
  • None of the bank details and / or registered persons are informed to the sellers at the time of purchase.

Negative points

In the research carried out, no points were found to be negative by users, on the contrary, praise and good experiences are reports that form the most common comments.

Among the features and functions most used by users of the PayPal application are:

  • Possibility to buy any product using a credit card;
  • Ease and confidence to pay the most diverse amounts directly from the user’s bank account;
  • Access also the PayPal Mobile option, which was created for those users who like and / or need to go to the physical unit where they made the purchase and, therefore, want to make the payment on the spot;
  • Alternative to complete payment for your purchases with discounts and offers offered by the app and its more than 50 partner stores;
  • “Buyer protection program”, developed to return to the consumer the money that was charged for unauthorized purchases or if something unforeseen happens and the selected product does not reach the address indicated;
  • The system of this application has accurate monitoring on all orders placed, so it is possible to assess the possibilities of risk and unauthorized purchases;
  • In the “Shop” category, the user finds a list of establishments that are close to their location.

Did you see how numerous the advantages of making your purchase online using the PayPal app are? Then, access the link below and start the download on your device:

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