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Payments via WhatsApp may arrive in Brazil soon

About a year ago we commented that the Whatsapp I was starting to test a money transfer system between users in India. Now the WABetaInfo (specializing in messenger news) reported that the feature Payments also reach some new countries. And guess what: the Brazil It's on the list!

WhatsApp will expand list of countries where WhatsApp Payments be activated in the future.💰

Brazil 🇧🇷 + 55 India 🇮🇳 +91 (already supported) Mexico 🇲🇽 + 52United Kingdom 🇬🇧 +44

Source: @WABetaInfo.

The details of how this system works here are still unknown. In India, the payment system peer-to-peer (in Portuguese, point-to-point) uses the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), an instant real-time payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India, which basically facilitates interbank transactions. The UPI is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and acts as an instant transfer between two bank accounts on a mobile platform. In Brazil, we use the Brazilian Payments System (SPB).

If the service is actually launched, the likelihood that WhatsApp will dominate this market is simply huge given the messenger penetration here. Link the Payments your bank account and making transfers simply by sending messages to your contacts will be quite easy!

Currently, I would say one of the most prominent apps / services in this area here in Brazil is PicPay. O Apple pay cash (Apple solution quite similar to that of WhatsApp), for now, is only available in the United States and the arrival of Payments to Brazil just make things harder for Ma.

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