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Surely you know very well what the game called Pacincia is all about. Since the 1990s, it has existed on old 386, 486 PCs. And as it has always been one of the most acclaimed and favorite pastimes of many people, Pacincia could not help but populate the smartphones and tablets of the current generation. Our review today about the Android version of this famous game. Keep reading to find out what it offers.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version 4.0.4Root: SimMods: CyanogenMod 9Pacincia is a very faithful original version of the game and therefore brings no new or additional features. That is, for those who have been playing Pacincia for a long time, the Android app means no puzzle. The adjustments are perhaps the aspect of which we should talk a little. For example, there are options to display various details such as how long a match lasted or your score.

There are useful options such as how many cards are split and you can even choose the Las Vegas scoring system. The app still gives suggestions and advice, but it implies that such advice will remain active on the screen while you play, not only when you need them. It is still possible to change the font of the text or to enable / disable the shading of the letters. Two small buttons at the bottom right of the screen let you undo the last action and show the game statistics.

We should, however, mention some aspects that are not interesting to us. For example, if you accidentally press the restart button, the game in progress will be lost. Not to mention that the application consumes a lot of battery. To give you an idea: 3 minutes of play equals 6% energy. Too much, no?

Conclusion:Pacincia seems to be a promising game, but it has some small details that diminish the user's initial enthusiasm.

Screen & Controls

Pacincia is very similar to its Windows version and in this case a very positive aspect. The game itself is not super exciting, but its controls are just perfect.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Pacincia runs without major problems, but has some delay when moving the cards and when you want to go to the app settings. Another positive side: the game is quite stable.

Price / Performance Ratio

The free Pacincia. Of course there are some advertising banners, but these are not a big bother.