Patent troll accuses Apple of 16 (!) Different violations

L comes more headache for Apple in the courts: the Seven Networks has just filed a lawsuit in the East Texas District Court accusing her of violating nothing less than 16 (!) Of your patents.

Records are quite varied, covering for example the notification service push Apple App Store automatic downloads, iPhone “low battery” warning, background updates, etc.

Seven Networks, of course, has every face of being one of those classics Patent trolls. These are companies without marketed products or services of their own, which register or buy patents of all kinds and try to profit from such processes.

I don't have to go very far to conclude this: the last press release published on her website in February 2014. The court chosen for the case is also typical because it is generally favorable to the causes of these Patent trolls That's why Apple is closing two stores there (which makes their job harder).

Apple is the target of Seven Networks' turn, but of course a possible court win would give it precedent to go over other companies with the same accusations. We will follow the case.

via Patently Apple