Patent to lock: XXL trackpads, first iPhone design and more

Patent to lock: XXL trackpads, first iPhone design and more

Among the several patents won by Apple today, we can highlight the continuation of an invention registered in July 2009 that involves the use of an exceptionally wide trackpad in MacBooks.

Ultra-large trackpad patent

In addition, the document addresses the use of optical and infrared sensors and emitters, in addition to advanced image processing that could be used in future laptops, I imagine it is a way to remedy what she lost when she did not get the Kinect technology for herself.

Other achievements of the day involve the design of the first generation iPhone and the second iPod shuffle. It is interesting to note that the smartphone design in this document is incredibly generic, as well as its comprehensive description ‚ÄúComputer, a portable or hand-held electronic device, media player (e.g., music, video and / or game player), media storage device, a personal digital assistant, and a communication device (e.g., cellular phone)‚ÄĚ.

IPhone and iPod shuffle 2G design

If something like this has been submitted to international Patent and Trademark Offices, it is easy to understand why Ma is being targeted in China.

Other inventions registered today include attractive designs for headphone connectors, controllers and memory operations on the Apple A4, locking system for the first MacBook's battery unibody, an impact absorption system and a engine scripts for Final Cut Pro.

(via Patently Apple)