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Patent application indicates future Apple laptops made with carbon fiber

The automotive industry already uses it, the airplane already uses it, why don't our beautiful gadgets use it? Carbon fiber is a light, resistant material, with high thermal conductivity: it would look good on a MacBook or iPod. Or not, since it is an aesthetic murder for eyes that are not passionate about tuning (from the originaltuning).

However, following the mantra “form first, function soon after”, Cupertino's offices have just filed a patent application that makes it possible to implement carbon fibers in gadgets without completely killing their appearance, because the fact that black fibers are always visible on the surface, it is difficult to please the average consumer. The proposed solution would be a coating technique with a scrim fiberglass and resin, which would allow designers (coff! * Ive! * coff!) obtain all the advantages of carbon fiber without limiting its black color and the aesthetic imperfections characteristic of the material.

The technique presented will allow a more pleasant look to carbon fiber gadgets.The technique presented will allow a more pleasant look to carbon fiber gadgets.

Some of you may remember a rumor that mentioned a lighter MacBook Air with a carbon fiber bottom (and there would even be a prototype hideous circulating through Apple's labs). The application of the material to the entire notebook line would not be out of the question, as aircraft aluminum would continue to be used in the upper parts. In any case, the game would increase costs: lighter for the arm, heavier for the pocket.

(Via: AppleInsider.)