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Password Apps for Android – The 7 Best to Test!

The smartphone stores personal data, from photos to bank information. Therefore, it is common to want to block easy access to such information, preventing data theft, breach of privacy and other serious harm.

The best way to do this is to invest in password apps for Android. There are several currently and to help you choose the perfect one for you, we have put together a list of the top 7 password apps. Check out!

Password Apps

App lock

App Lock allows the user to lock apps, videos, photos and web browsing history, whether by password, pattern or fingerprint. In addition, it enables the creation of parental control for children.

The tool also has the advantage of being free, not displaying ads and allowing the configuration of the front camera to capture images of intruders. But, it has one disadvantage: the uninstall lock function is a bit tricky to use.


WhatsLock makes it easy to block apps, images and videos, as well as hide content stored in messaging apps like WhatsApp.

One of the great advantages and advantages of WhatsLock is the app's interface and design, which clearly displays the functions and settings and can make adjustments with a few taps.

Already on the list of disadvantages is that the application does not have biometric unlocking, as well as being a paid tool (free only for seven days in the trial period. Then the user needs to sign a plan).

AppLock Lock

AppLock Lock individually protects all applications the user wants, either with a six-digit PIN code or design pattern. The app interface is a great advantage by presenting the information in an organized manner.

In addition, the application is low on memory, does not hinder the performance of the Android operating system, has icon masquerade mode and completely free.

Its only disadvantage is that the app is not available for Android in very old versions, so only smartphones with newer operating system can use it.

Password Apps

Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock is a free advanced security application that lets you lock apps using a pattern or password, helping to maintain your privacy and protect personal data.

Another function of the app is to keep the content private in case of use of the smartphone by friends or family, both for playing and watching videos, ie their access will always be limited.

The disadvantage of the app is that on some smartphones it works late. This means that the intruder can access the content for seconds and only after that is the lock.

Lockdown pro

Lockdown Pro is a free app that lets you lock any smartphone app with a password. Its advantage lies in the Observer function, which sends the user an email with information and images of what the intruder tried to access.

There are also functions like password per hour, random keyboard password, fake cover (displays error message when someone tries to open an app) and the option to hide the Lockdown Pro icon.

The disadvantage of the app is that some of its functions are only available on the paid plan, so if you want to use them you will need to make in-app purchases.

Perfect App Lock

Perfect App Lock protects your smartphone content in two ways: by password or gesture. You can lock email, photos, camera, applications, whatever the user wants.

Its advantage is that it offers parallel locking functions such as screen filter and rotation and link lock, all for free. As a disadvantage, the app does not work on small screen smartphones.

Password Apps

Fingerprint Application Lock

The application allows locking of the content by fingerprint, including password PIN and pattern design, ensuring 100% privacy for the user.

It has a simple interface with clearly arranged functions, which works as an advantage because it facilitates use. In addition, the application completely free.

Its disadvantage is the momentary and sporadic difficulty of recognizing the user's fingerprint or password, which can cause a delay of seconds to unlock.