Apple speaks out about processor failures; macOS and iOS have already been fixed, ARM also releases details [atualizado]

Partnership between Samsung and Apple expected to continue with A6 chips

Despite all the legal drama between Apple and Samsung, the partnership of the two companies should remain firm and strong, entering 2012 with the manufacture of A6 processors for iPads 3 and iPhones 5, 6, 4G, '12, I still don't know what would be the best name.

Apple A5 processor

According to anonymous sources Korea Times, rumors about the approach of Apple and the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will not bear fruit, as its production would not yet be mature enough to offer the yield that Ma requires.

The manufacturing process at TSMC has not been stabilized. Considering Apple's previous standards of adopting qualified technologies, Apple won't take any chances. Samsung offers better prices and capacity commitment for A6 mobile processors, said an executive at a supplier at Ma.

This would help to understand the visit of Lee Jae-yong, COO of Sammy, to Tim Cook: everything indicates that enemies, enemies, business are leaving.

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And the thing about not having to cool down in the courts, according to more anonymous sources than Korea Times. “I don't think we're losing support. Recent decisions in European courts have not been favorable. But we are still certain that we will eventually win, ”said a senior executive at Samsung, on condition that he remain anonymous.

Ace Attorney - Apple vs. Samsung

The goal would be to win in the long term, in the appellate bodies, and if the Sammy take the worst, executive Choi Gee-sung would be ready to take all the blame by saying such a thing, this source really had to be anonymous.

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s that there is one more thing. In order not to let the dream rumor about an iPhone 5 with a 4-inch display die, the Korea Times mentioned yet another anonymous source guaranteeing that LG would be in charge of producing Retina screens with this dimension to be launched in partnership with the iPad 3 in the first quarter next year.

About this rumor, two words express what I feel:

Bitch, please

Someone has to stop insanity.

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