Parrot lana Anafi USA for $ 7,000 - Drone has thermal camera, 4K and 32x zoom

Parrot lana Anafi USA for $ 7,000 – Drone has thermal camera, 4K and 32x zoom

THE Parrot, one of the most respected drone development companies in the world, based in France, has just launched the Anafi USA, a new drone for the corporate and security market, with a price of US $ 7,000. The drone brings a series of very imposing specifications, but aimed at a very different audience from the traditional consumer, such as the thermal camera system.

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The FLIR thermal camera has a 320×256 photo resolution and captures video in 1280×720 resolution at 9fps. The system also allows you to analyze the look of the thermal camera on the image of the traditional camera, which is important to avoid collisions and for search and rescue operations.

Like other specifications, the camera with 4K recording and an incredible 32x optical zoom, is very useful for situations where it is necessary to capture in high quality some detail where the drone cannot get too close, as in the maintenance of transmission and electrical networks for example. Still in terms of security, Anafi USA supports the encryption algorithm for encrypting AES-XTS data with 512-bit keys.

In the other specs, traditional camera sensor with 21MP, flight autonomy of up to 32 minutes with battery charging via USB, without the need for traditional power supplies. Parrot has also optimized the propeller system for less noise. Using the Parrot Skycontroller 3 it is possible to control the drone with a distance of up to 4Km, and the company says it is working together with developers of specialized apps so that in the future Anafi USA can take off from moving cars in addition to other features.

Camera system with 3-wind gimbal, images with the possibility of direct editing of the drone storage, possibility of little hand take-off, IP53 protection and flights with strong winds up to 53 km / h with guarantee of good quality in the filming are others highlights that Parrot reinforces.

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But what Parrot makes very clear that the drone seeks to differentiate itself by a safe product, has even put "USA" in the name to somehow highlight it in the face of discussions between the American and Chinese government, with DJI being a Chinese company and has gone through several questions from the American government regarding the sharing of drone data. Anafi USA has WPA2 Wi-Fi connection technology, a security system that prevents the violation of firmware for modifications, flight data sent anonymously to European servers and also stored on the card installed on the drone, in encrypted form, all according to the Regulatory agency "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)".

How much does Anafi USA cost? incredible $ 7,000, a value quite high and well above the drone for consumers of the company called "Anafi", which costs $ 699 dollars. However, a drone with specifications and technologies aimed at a segment very different from that for traditional consumers, including support and software.

What's in the box: 1x ANAFI USA3x drone (1 + 2) smart batteries1x Skycontroller 31x Tablet support1x USB fast charger with more than one connection1x Extra propeller kits4x USB-A / USB-C1x cables Rigid case

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