Parental Control App Developers Respond to Apple

In the world of technology, not even polymers have time to waste. Last Monday we reported that Apple was accused of removing parental control apps to allegedly “benefit” its native iOS feature, the Use Time (Screen Time).

Ma countered the accusations, explaining that it was actually inhibiting the use of technology Mobile Device Management in these apps, able to provide control and access to sensitive information from a device. However, a number of companies behind the removed / restricted applications confronted the Cupertino giant, as the MacRumors.

The reaction

Apps developers like Qustodio, Kidslox, OurPact and Mobicip commented on the policy and echoed the opinion of former Apple executive Tony Fadell, who blamed Ma for not developing a specific API for parental control applications, causing developers to turn to MDM instead.

More precisely, OurPact said Apple's stance was misleading and explained that Ma itself discloses the security benefits of MDM. The company also said Apple is responsible for sending technology certificates and restrictions on user devices.

The answers

Here's a look at what other developers said about the problem:

Eduardo Cru, co-founder of Qustodio:

If security is a major concern for Apple, why not share the APIs used on its competing service. Screen Time and make the environment safer and more open to everyone?

Viktor Yevpak, co-founder of Kidslox:

Ultimately, make the API of the public Screen Time It is the solution to this question that would truly prove Apple's commitment to the safety and well-being of children. This would allow third-party developers, like us, to create effective products that give users genuine options while meeting Apple's self-configuration standards.


If Apple truly believes that parents should have tools to manage their children's device usage and are committed to providing a competitive and innovative application ecosystem, then they will provide open APIs for developers to use.

Suren Ramasubbu, co-founder of Mobicip:

Knowing that parental control applications using MDM have been around for years, wouldn't it be a better option for Apple to support an API before pulling the plug?

· • ·

As we reported, Apple has argued that it supports all developers evenly, even if certain apps compete with native iOS features. However, it is also curious that the removal of certain apps from the App Store occurred shortly after the debut of the Time of Use feature, released with iOS 12.

We certainly have not reached the end of this story. In addition to letters, Apple has to fight complaints filed by Kidslox and Qustodio (other than Kaspersky) in antitrust bodies of the European Union. According to these companies, the changes brought about by Ma had a negative impact on their business.

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