BBB 20 Paredo: how to vote to eliminate Felipe or Hadson | Internet

Paredo BBB 20: how to vote to eliminate Babu, Flayslane or Marcela | Internet

As it is already reaching the final stretch, the program had an accelerated dynamic. The formation of the Big Brother 12 wall took place last Sunday (5th), right after Gabi's elimination. Thelma, who had just returned from the wall, won the leader's test and, at the time, indicated Flayslane. To decide the other two walled up, the participants, with the exception of the leader, were divided into two groups, who should vote for the opposite group. Thus, group 1, made up of Rafa, Manu, Babu and Mari, put Marcela in the hot seat, with two votes. Group 2, formed by Flayslane, Gizelly, Ivy and Marcela, already walled Babu, also with two indications. Check out how to vote on the BBB 20 wall to eliminate Babu, Flayslane or Marcela.

Step 1. Access the BBB 20 website ( and click on the walled picture on the home page. You will be directed to the voting page;

Step 2. Click on the person you want to remove from the house;

Step 3. Fill in your Globo account data or log in via Facebook or Google account. If you do not have a registration, click Register to register for free;

Step 4. Select again the participant you will vote for and confirm by clicking on the requested icon;

Step 5. You will see your vote confirmation on the screen. If you want to continue voting, click on "Vote again and repeat the process.