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Parallels wins Sidecar feature support; Telegram now has Slow Mode for groups

And we're back with the most important updates from popular apps from App store (and out of it)! Let's take a look at them?

Parallels Desktop

Corel's virtualization software came in version 15 with some very interesting news.

For starters, he made the complete transition to the API Metal, gaining a good performance improvement: Office applications, for example, open 80% faster, while graphics rendering is 15% faster.

Parallels Desktop 15

The integration with Metal also brings another good news: support for DirectX 11, which makes Parallels Desktop compatible with a variety of other apps / games, including Autodesk 3DS Max 2020, Lumion, FIFA 19, Age of Empires and more.

Want more? Have more! It has full support for macOS Catalina, including integration with Sidecar to play Parallels windows on iPad and work with Apple Pencil. Even screenshots made in Windows appear in the new macOS interface, with Ma's editing capabilities. The new version also adds support to the Find menu in the Finder for fast file uploads; In addition, a number of new Bluetooth devices are supported, such as the Xbox One controller.

Parallels Desktop can be purchased by $ 80 (annual subscription) on the developer's website; if you are upgrading from a previous version, you can purchase it by $ 50. There are unique purchase options and offers for developers and businesses.


Telegram Messenger app icon

Telegram app icon

The most controversial messenger in Brazil, in turn, presented an appeal that may discourage group members from cheering up and uttering illegalities (or not).

The call Slow mode (Slow Mode) allows group administrators to set a minimum time for members to send messages in a row, which can range from 30 seconds to 1 hour. The idea is to make the conversation in large groups more orderly and, as Telegram defines it, ‚Äúto increase the value of each individual message‚ÄĚ.

Telegram slow mode

The new version of the messenger also gives you the option to send a silent message for any contact or group. If you do this, the person will receive a notification as usual (unless your contact is muted, of course), but your device will not make any kind of sound which is great in case you want to send a message in the middle of the call. dawn but not sure if the person has the habit of leaving the phone in Silent Mode.

To do this, just hold the submit button and opt for the new option.

Finally, updating Telegram allows you to choose different highlight colors in Dark Mode and assign ‚Äútitles‚ÄĚ to group administrators.


IFood app icon: Black Friday Deals

The unfailing application of delivery has gained a small update in which it becomes possible to use filters in the dishes lists. With that, when you come across a vast menu, you can filter out what interests you with some quick markings.

It is now also possible to track some deliveries made by restaurants. To find out which locations work with trackable deliveries, look in the restaurant details (where the rating and delivery time appears) for a little arrow icon.

Finally, the ‚ÄúProfile‚ÄĚ screen has been updated to make it more practical and beautiful.


Microsoft OneNote app icon

The Microsoft annotation application, in turn, has gained a good integration with Outlook. From now on, it is possible to import all the useful details of a reunion Scheduled by one-touch email, information such as date, location, calendar, topics and attendees goes to OneNote, and you can make relevant notes to that meeting much faster and easier.


Finally, Adobe's Lightroom family also gained a number of improvements. To get started with Lightroom Classic on both Mac and PC, we have GPU accelerated editing for improved and smoother performance; The news will also be available in Camera Raw. In addition, the app has gained support for PNG export, color labels for organization and batch merge for HDR files.

Adobe Lightroom: Edit Photos app icon

Adobe Lightroom app icon

Lightroom CC, available for macOS, Windows and iOS, also has news: from now on, possible recover deleted photos 60 days ago, and new camera and lens support added. On iOS specifically, it is possible to download presets directly on the photos viewed on the tab Discover, and no more screenshots are added to your library by default. We also have new search parameters such as focal length, depth map and more.