Parallels is Apple's solution for running Windows games on macOS

Parallels Desktop One of the world's most famous applications for macOS for operating system virtualization, the current release supports Microsoft DX11 and enables more optimized Windows virtualization than the previous release.

Parallels Desktop version 15 supports DirectX 11 running on Apple Metal, which now allows Windows virtualization to run up to 15% faster, according to the developers.

The developers admit that whenever a system is virtualized in this way, some of the performance will not be enjoyed, especially in games, but even so, this change should appeal to people who want to use macOS to play, since Proton It still doesn't work natively on macOS, as it does on Linux.

Although it can be used for games, the productivity-focused tool with tools like Microsoft Office, which even have a version for macOS, many people often prefer the version that runs on Windows.

There are currently other free tools for doing this type of virtualization, such as VirtuaBox or VMWare, but Parallels made for macOS is designed to be integrated with the system, as shown in the trailer above. These benefits are not free, the application has different offers, but the value for those who decide to buy it "forever" is about $ 100.

And in the Linux world?

These days there are many chances that your favorite Windows game will run on Linux too, thanks to Proton and Wine, or even Lutris, which is different from virtualization, uses a different technology, and makes a translation, not creating virtual hardware, but making the game think that it is running on Windows. By itself, this already makes it more viable to be a Linux gamer today than a macOS gamer.

When it comes to virtualization, Linux has many options as well, especially in robust environments, where access to hardware is strongly required, however, virtualizing 3D environments is still problematic, just like in macOS.

VirtualBox, VMWare, and KVM, through applications such as VirtualBox itself or GNOME Boxes, are great alternatives for maintaining productivity with Windows applications you might need. All of this setup can be potentially free and open source, apart from Windows itself, of course.

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