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Paragon Software Launches APFS Volume Reading Tool in Older MacOS Versions

The introduction of Apple File System (APFS) has brought a number of advantages to users of the Ma ecosystem around the world, as we explained in this article. There is only one problem: with the new file system, older machines that do not support the new standard may suffer from compatibility issues. Fortunately, we already have a good solution between us.

THE Paragon Software recently released and for free! O APFS Retrofit Kit for macOS, a driver that allows users of macOS Sierra or earlier versions (OS X El Capitan and Yosemite) to access APFS formatted volumes such as external HDDs / SSDs and USB sticks. The driver promises flawless operation between all compatible software and hardware, data integrity protection, constant throughput without data congestion, and economical processor / resource usage of the machine.

To use the utility, simply download the package from the Paragon website, install it on your machine, and restart your Mac; From this, the computer will be fully capable of reading APFS volumes without problems. Remember, however, that read-only interaction is impossible for an incompatible system to write data to an APFS volume, so in order to modify files on your external drives, you must first copy them to your Mac's internal storage.

via Apple World Today