Panols photo app is being distributed for free by the Apple Store app, enjoy!

Periodically (this time it took a little longer), the application Apple Store offers a free application for users. As always, it should not be confused, of course, with the App Store; we're talking about this app here:

Apple Store app icon

Inside the Apple Store, on the first screen (“Discover”), just scroll a bit until you reach this part:


This time, the present photo app Panols:

With Panols, you can share panoramic photos taken with your iPhone and other photos from the library with Instagram users around the world. You can use the Instagram profile grid to display all of them on the screen and create amazing images.

Touch the blue button "Download free" and voile, you will be sent to the App Store with a promotional code (promo code) to download it for free.

In the App Store itself, Panols usually costs $ 2:

Panols app icon

The offer inside the Apple Store is valid until May 15th.