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PanGu jailbreak tool, compatible with iOS 8, is now also available for Mac

After being translated into English and including Cydia in its package, the jailbreak PanGu compatible with iOS 8.0-8.1 has just won a Mac version.

PanGu for Mac

Its operation promises to be exactly the same as its version for Windows, which apparently is already "round".

In the words of Jay “saurik” Freeman, responsible for Cydia, the solution can now be recommended for normal users at this point in the championship.

Bad news, for jailbreakers of planting, that Apple wasted no time and already closed the loopholes exploited by hackers in the first beta build of iOS 8.1.1 released a few days ago. In other words, whoever wants to enjoy this freedom for the time being stuck in iOS 8.1.

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