Panel of experts and professionals in the field speculate about the “Apple Car” in particular from Motor Trend magazine

Panel of experts and professionals in the field speculate about the “Apple Car” in particular from Motor Trend magazine

If you go back in time to the days of 2005/06, you will certainly remember the rain of rumors, speculations and projections about a supposed Apple phone mystic, whose existence was not even confirmed. Today, the iPhone (and the horde of smartphones that followed it) is an intrinsic part of modern life, but looking back, these prerelease projections went awry, went rude.

Draft design

A decade later, in the middle of 2016, the ball is a supposedly mystical Apple car and, likewise, there is a shower of rumors, speculations and projections about it. When (and if) one day this project comes into existence, we will certainly look back and laugh at them, but still, it does not cost to have a little fun imagining the future. And that’s exactly what the traditional American automotive magazine Motor Trend did: gathered his team of journalists with a panel of veterans of the auto industry and concept artists to discuss the possibilities of "Apple Car". What came out of that brainstorm of experts was a beautiful piece of journalism about the motorized future of Ma.

For English connoisseurs (or those who endure the mistakes of Google Translate), the entire report is an unmissable reading tip as well as the summary video of the meeting, just below. Anyway, we made an overview of the innovations theorized by the magazine:

  • The appearance of the car, both internal and external, would have nothing to do with what we are used to when we think of automobiles. The magazine speculates that Apple, famous for breaking design paradigms in all categories (think of the Macintosh, iPod and iPhone), would hit the bull's eye again when designing something totally different, simplified, semi-autonomous (in the sense of driving alone), within the limits imposed by technology and laws of the time, of course.
  • Externally, the car would be a mixture of light metals with huge windows of super-resistant glass (Gorilla Glass?), With doors of the gull type, like in the Tesla Model X. This beautiful chassis would house a long-lasting electric motor, as it could not be otherwise.

Internal panel of

  • Inside, the most “out of the box” ideas: the experts they thought of an interior totally free of physical screens, working only with projections and using the windshield intensively. According to them, the car's front glass would be Apple's blank “Sistine Chapel roof”, where the company could incorporate navigation, directions, holograms and all kinds of desired information, through augmented reality. It would be the experience of the typical user of Ma, but inside a car.
  • Siri, obviously, would be at the epicenter of that experience. The magazine speculates a car that would house a complete personal assistant, giving suggestions of establishments based on the user's social and health applications, suggesting alternative routes based on traffic information and everything.
  • Finally, a proposal, let's say, controversial: the “Apple Car” would not have an “owner”. Instead, a fleet of "Apple Cars" would be running on the streets, available for user demand with a tap on the iPhone or Apple Watch. With the arrival of the car, the integration with the smartphone or the clock would automatically read the driver's preferences and adjust the temperature, the position of the seats / mirrors, the radio and all the necessary information. All cars would be your car.

These are all (almost) possible theories, and it may even be that when Apple ends up launching your car, it looks something like this. Or not. As I said, the idea here is to have fun with the possibilities and discuss the ideas until the thing becomes reality.

What do you think?

(via Cult of Mac)