Panasonic launches two new mirrorless cameras, the Lumix S1 and the Lumix S1R

THE Panasonic This week it is launching two new camera models aimed at the professional or semi-professional audience that take photography and video seriously. THE Lumix S1 A high-performance camera with balanced shooting and photo functions, while the Lumix S1R geared toward photography professionals with huge image resolution.

The Lumix S1 has a sensor with 24.2MP resolution, being able to shoot 4K at 30 or 24fps without limitation and at 60fps for up to 30 minutes. ISO ranges from 100 to 51,200 and high-resolution mode takes photos up to 96MP. The mirrorless camera goes out $ 2,499 and with a 24 – 105mm lens the value goes to $ 3,399.

The Lumix S1R, in turn, comes with a 47.3MP, being able to take RAW photos up to 187MP in high resolution mode. Its ISO ranges from 100 to 25,600 and, being more focused on photography, has slightly more limitations on video, shooting at 4K at 60fps for a maximum of 15 minutes and without harnessing the full potential of the sensor. The camera goes out $ 3,699 mirrorless and with the same lenses as the S1 $ 4,599.

Both Lumix S models use the system L-mount for your lenses, patented by Leica, a company renowned in the world of professional photography. The lenses are sold separately in the following options:

– 50mm f / 1.4 S Pro for $ 2,299. – 70-200mm f / 4 S Pro for $ 1,699- 24-105mm f / 4 Macro for $ 1,299. (this is the kit that comes with the cameras in the most expensive option)

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