‘Paint is not going away’, says Microsoft, which suggests new Paint 3D

'Paint is not going away', says Microsoft, which suggests new Paint 3D

After 32 years, Microsoft has decided to discontinue Paint, a popular image editor integrated with Windows since 1985. The move has angered users of the software, who turn to Paint to make quick adjustments to photos without having to use more complex programs. Microsoft has decided to eliminate the Windows 10 application from the Creators Update, which is expected to reach users in September. In a note, the company says that MS Paint is not leaving completely and will be available for download soon. Users can also rely on the new Paint 3D to use the old 2D tools.

“Microsoft Paint is not going away. In addition to the new 3D tools, many of the beloved features of MS Paint, such as image editing and 2D creation, are in Paint 3D, made available with the Windows 10 Creator Update «, informs the Windows manufacturer, suggesting the use of the new editor program.

Microsoft Paint is not leaving. Many of the beloved features of MS Paint are in Paint 3D

«In the future, MS Paint will be on the Windows Store for free and we will continue to offer updates and experiences in Paint 3D, so that people have the best creative tools in one place,» adds the statement.

2 of 4 Paint 3D – Photo: Disclosure / Microsoft

Paint 3D – Photo: Disclosure / Microsoft

MS Paint in the Windows Store

Also according to Microsoft, according to the note, the new Paint 3D becomes native Windows 10 software – which comes pre-installed – and the other version, the old MS Paint for PCs, goes free to the Windows app store Store. Therefore, whoever wants to use it, will have to download it manually, to use the traditional version. The Windows manufacturer did not say when the app arrived for download.

Paint 3D is the direct replacement for traditional Paint and its main differential is the access to other resources in three dimensions, which go beyond the basic tools present in the original application. With a friendlier and easier to use interface, the program adapts well to devices with touch screens such as two-in-one notebooks, replacing in some cases Photoshop.

Microsoft Paint 3D requirements

System Requirements Minimum Recommended
Operational system Windows 10 Windows 10
Architecture x86, x64 x86, x64

The approximate download size of Paint 3D is 40.5 MB to 332.84 MB (with updates). The application is rated 4.3 (microsoft.com/pt-br/store/p/paint-3d).

3 of 4 Paint 3D – Photo: Disclosure / Microsoft

Paint 3D – Photo: Disclosure / Microsoft

The history of Microsoft Paint

Still as a Paintbrush, Paint was born in 1985, integrated with Windows 1.0, and since then it has always been a native feature inseparable from successive versions of Windows. With a very simple interface and set of functions, Paint has never positioned itself as a powerful image editor. However, the application marks the lives of many users, since for many the handling of Paint is one of the first memories related to the use of a desktop computer.

4 of 4 Paint on Windows Vista – Photo: Playback / YouTube

Paint on Windows Vista – Photo: Playback / YouTube

The last major update of Paint took place in 2009, due to Windows 7, when new shapes were added, in addition to general improvements in interface and performance. The changes, however, gave rise to Paint 3D.