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Paid app sharing: Google wants your whole family using Android

Starting July 2, a breakthrough will arrive on Google Play: Store-purchased apps can be shared by your entire family. The way family app sharing will work is described in the developer documentation released by Google shortly before I / O 2016. That's right, Google wants all of its family members to use an Android device.

For those not familiar with this change, this is a way in which a Google Play user can share in-store purchases with a family member or other trusted person. The "Family Library", as its function call, will allow you to add up to six people who can install any application for free, provided it was previously paid for by you.

Google wants all family members to use an Android device

Google has already communicated and explained to developers about the change. Once done, it cannot be reversed. In addition, the change does not only apply to purchases made from July 2, Google is encouraging developers to implement the mechanism on previously purchased apps.

Google Family Library vs Apple Family Sharing

There is still not much information about how everything will work and some issues are still unclear. For example, on iOS there is something similar, called "family sharing." On Apple's system, the feature works as follows: One user registers his credit card and registers 6 people to share the account. They can even buy apps in their name.

androidpit google play music hero 02
Google Play Music can be shared with family / ANDROIDPIT

In Google there is something similar, but only for those who subscribe to Google Play Music. Subscribers to the service within the app can create a family group and they can use the "family manager" account to purchase apps, books, and so on. However, all is done only with the approval of the account owner. Already in the "Family Library" everything would be independent of Google Play Music, ie most likely to be very similar to the Apple system.

But Google developers still need to clarify some questions, as if members sharing apps can buy them too or just share them? In the leaked document about this new function you will know that developers can give the user the option to share, or not, their account. Nothing talked about buying on the other person's behalf. See excerpt from the document below:

google family
Document sent to developers by Google / Google

Sharing purchases with others is good?

Although at first it is an interesting implementation, is it really something totally positive? I think so. I currently have to log in with my Google account on my wife's mobile phone for her to have access to paid apps for me. For me there is no problem, but what about those who shop who do not wish to be shared? Books, games, movies and other things you prefer to keep secret, how would that be? After all, there are people who value privacy very much.

Husbands and wives can even share the same apps and games, but what about children? Have you ever imagined them clicking on all paid games or buying everything to see ahead in games with in-app purchases? Of course, Google has to set limits for the "account manager" to manage it all. If you do not have good control, the function will hinder rather than help, if this happens no one will use it.

AndroidPIT privacy 1 w782
Does my whole family need to know what I install on my phone? / ANDROIDPIT

Still have the question of the developers. There are six people to share, but what if I want to unsubscribe one, put a friend in and he installs a paid app of mine, or vice versa? The developers will be prejudiced. It happens a lot. Instead of buying, it will be easy to find a friend who has already paid for that app you want so much. I believe this will discourage developers, and many will not put this sharing option on their apps, as it is not required as we saw in the above document.

Is Google giving you more reason to just use Android smartphones?

Obviously everything a company does has marketing goals, and it wouldn't be any different with Google. By implementing the Family Library, Google is aiming to "dominate the home" with Android. Apple has been doing this for a long time. Although closed to the rest of the platforms, Apple devices know how to talk to each other very well. No wonder when a family member has an iPhone, almost always the rest of the family also has one.

Google can now do the same. Have you ever thought about a family of six who often buy apps? The economy would be very large.

What do you think about sharing paid apps for you with others? Would this be a welcome implementation or will it depend on how Google will delimit it?

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