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Packed with new features, Adobe XD is available for free; company announces investment fund for design

Launched last October, the application XD Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite received a special update this week. Among the novelties of the software, the main one is the introduction of the initial plan, which includes continuous access to the desktop version of the program for macOS and Windows 10.

The new plan also allows the user to create as many documents and projects as he wants, that is, not a version for testing. The new version includes access to all designs and prototypes, and also grants preview on mobile devices, for both iOS and Android.

Adobe XD

In addition to the initial plan, Adobe XD is gaining new features to improve the efficiency of the platform, including improvements in integrations with Sketch and Photoshop CC, password protection for the design project, drag / drop option to change symbols and paste to several clipboards. Additional information about the update is available on the Adobe blog.

Even available for free, Adobe XD continues to be sold individually and among the programs that make up the Creative Cloud suite. The difference between the two versions (free and paid) is due to the number of shares offered to the user. In the initial version, being allowed to share only one prototyping and one design project (design specs, which allows you to share your work with other professionals). The paid version has no sharing limit.

New users can now choose between the free version of Adobe XD, purchase the app through an individual subscription of R $ 35 / month or the complete plan, which contains all Adobe support applications for RS175 monthly (total price; students have a discount of 60 %). For Creative Cloud subscribers, the update of Adobe XD with the news mentioned above should be released in the coming days.

Adobe Background for Design

Concurrent with the announcement of the new version of Adobe XD, the company released an initial investment of $ 10 million for the new fund. The purpose of the investment is to support the creation of new products and services that will help shape the future of creativity and design.

Adobe Background for Design

The company does not choose a specific group to benefit from the fund, and it infers that it intends to help from emerging artists to global brands, contributing to its projects based on exceptional digital experiences.

For Vijay Vachami, Creative Cloud representative, the fund will not only serve as financial support, but will provide all the necessary support for its users.

The fund not only provides financial resources, whether in investment or capital investment, but also technical support with Adobe professionals, free products, early access to new technologies and opportunities for partnerships and marketing.

In addition, the company invited the community of developers, entrepreneurs and users to build on top of the background / platform, further integrating people and projects into the Adobe ecosystem.

via 9to5Mac