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Package Converter: A graphical interface for Alien

A GUI for Alien Package Converter

From DEB to RPM From RPM to DEB and with graphical interface!

At a time when you are choosing the distro that will use this is an important point, after all the more programs the better, in this regard there is no one, the Ubuntu family distros – that is, they use DEB-like packages – to know a a little more about .DEB packages click here – they have a big advantage over others like the popular Fedora. Alien-converter

To try to tell the problem there is an application called Alien with the proposal to "repackage" the programs to the desired model, so you can transform a .deb file on a .rpm file.Alien is a text mode program, but it has now gained an interface called Packege Converter, with it you will be able to do all this graphically.


You can download the DEB or RPM package at the link below:

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