Pac-Man invades Google for 48 hours

Revisiting one of the most famous games of the last decades, Google will today replace its logo with the game Pac-Man, a doodle which is playable for the first time. Pac-Man will be online for 48 hours and visitors can test their skills by reaching level 250.

The new doodle signed the 30 years of life of the arcade game that left many users clinging to the computer for hours on end. Google thus maintains the tradition that dates back to 1998 when it began to replace or “embellish” the logo of the search engine page with images that mark relevant dates.

The difference in relation to this “tradition” lies in the fact that it is the first doodle interactive. To play, site visitors have to click on the “insert coin” button that replaces the “I feel lucky” button on the search engine page and wait 10 seconds for the game to start automatically.

Only when they move on to the search results does the game turn off, as does Pac-Man’s music.

THE doodle Pac-Man is already available since mid-afternoon today, Continental Portugal time, but will be gradually integrated into the company’s websites, staying online until Sunday.

Pac Man