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PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Maze Arrives Play Store

Pac-Man (or eats-for-the-older) is probably the best-known gaming character. Since its inception in 1980, the little yellow being has been present in numerous games, several of them available for Android. Now a Pac-Man style infinite runner arrives Play Store.

Bandai Namco has released the use of Pac-Man by third parties for payment of royalties, which explains the huge amount of games with the character on various platforms. The PAC-MAN 256 is Namco's first infinite corridor, where the studio has transformed the maze in which ghosts and Pac-Man coexist in an infinite maze, a code flaw (glitch) destroys the maze, which forces the character to always follow in the same direction.

pac man 256 maze
Infinite maze. / ANDROIDPIT

Other differences include ghosts with different behaviors: some just walk in the same line, some wake up when Pac-Man approaches, some spread the glitchPerhaps the biggest change is in the maze itself, by making it infinite, Namco has changed the gameplay a lot, where it knew where the power pills were, where the ghosts came from, well, changed a lot.

pac man 256 endscreen
Power ups, gifts, sharing, ranking. / ANDROIDPIT

The free game with purchases: You can pay to continue the game when you die or buy power upssuch as laser beams, freezing, etc .; however, you can play smoothly without using the credit system. Besides these news, the game is the same: eat the 'stones', fruits and power pills are there.

The PAC-MAN 256 is in version 1.0, occupies a little over 72MB and requires Android 2.3.3 or higher.

For those who like infinite runner games, an interesting variation on the theme, for those who do not, can skip this.

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