Owners of iPhones 8/8 Plus are listening to the speakerphone crackle during calls [atualizado 2x: corrigido!]

Owners of iPhones 8/8 Plus are listening to the speakerphone crackle during calls [atualizado 2x: corrigido!]

Dozens of people who bought the iPhones 8/8 Plus are reporting a sound problem on their new devices, which feature loud popping noise during voice calls on both network and FaceTime calls, which rules out possible carrier problems. The problem has been reported by users in all countries where the device has already been launched.

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Static-like noise occurs intermittently, only in the speaker and is not displayed if used with headphones or iPhone speakerphone. The problem also does not occur in audio messages, either via iMessage, WhatsApp or Telegram, corroborating the possibility of being a software and not a hardware problem. 🙏🏼

According to the report of ManuCHfrum MacRumors, the problem occurs with or without the Wi-Fi Connections feature, with VoLTE on or off, noise canceling on or off (feature available in the accessibility area of ​​the device), and even with VoIP applications (such as Groundwire) with several carriers.

Some users forced a hard reset to see if the problem would be solved (some say yes, others say no). Apple's support team has advised some users to restore their phones and configure again through iCloud backup, again with widely varying results.

I bought an iPhone 8 Plus and my device was having the problem; The good news is that I then went to an Apple Store, where everything was properly recorded and the phone changed. The bad news is that the replaced device has started to have the same problem, again indicating that it may even be a software problem.

Hopefully we don't have a #crackgate or #estalogate, which would be a huge problem for Apple, Apple is already on the inside and investigating what can be done.

Update by Rafael Fischmann 09/26/2017 s 23:16

Good news. Apple has not only recognized this problem, but has promised a fix for it through a software update that will be released "soon" which is obviously not in iOS 11.0.1, available today.

According to her, the bug affects "a small number" of users.

via The Verge

Update II by Eduardo Marques 10/03/2017 at 19:57

The issue has been fixed in iOS 11.0.2 more about the update in this article.