OWC updates line of external SSDs with lower prices and higher speeds

Year in, year out, and Other World Computing (OWC) continues to prove to be one of the most active manufacturers of accessories and high-performance peripherals for Macs and PCs. About a year ago, we talked here about the “fastest external drive available on the market” that the company was launching; now, the OWC is updating it.

External SSD OWC ThunderBlade 2

THE ThunderBlade second generation technology goes even deeper in the two main selling points of the peripheral: performance and price. The new models, available in versions from 1TB to 8TB, have price cuts that vary between US $ 400 and US $ 1,500 compared to the previous generation and an even higher performance for professionals in the area of ​​video editing, image processing at very high resolution or other activities that require maximum speed and large capacities.

The devices offer speeds of up to 3,800MB / s if they are connected to each other via a SoftRAID interface – they have two Thunderbolt 3 ports for connecting to the computer and other ThunderBlades, creating a set of up to six external SSDs – the design, including, allows stacking of the units and also brings a rubberized protection for shock absorption.

In addition, the new generation runs at even lower temperatures than the previous one; for bringing a fanless design, its operation is completely silent.

External SSD OWC ThunderBlade 2

The new ThunderBlades are now available for sale on the OWC website – they are 1TB models ($ 800), 2TB ($ 1,200), 4TB ($ 1,900) and 8TB ($ 3,500). OWC offers, with the purchase, a protective case resistant even to the impact of some bullets.

via AppleInsider