OWC launches 4TB SSD and 16TB Thunderbolt storage solution;  Logitech and HYPER have news

OWC launches 4TB SSD and 16TB Thunderbolt storage solution; Logitech and HYPER have news

And here we go again to tour the vast and frightening world of accessories for Apple products – or at least related to them in some way.

Let’s go!


The good old Other World Computing (OWC) is already known for its high capacity and performance SSDs, but its latest creation is even more powerful: the company recently launched the Aura P12 M.2 NVMe, an NVMe type SSD (the most common used in computers today) that reaches up to 4TB capacity in a single comb.

The component brings speeds of 3,400MB / s (read) and 3,000MB / s (write), perfect for professionals who work with huge amounts of data and need speeds that match – 8K video editors or 3D modelers, for example. The problem is the price: you will need to pay $ 1,100 if you want to guarantee such a beauty, now available in the OWC online store.

Obviously, considering the architecture of the most recent Macs, it will be impossible to use the product in its “raw” state. But OWC also has a solution for this: the manufacturer has updated its line of external SSDs ThunderBlade, now with up to 16TB(!) storage – precisely based on the Aura SSDs described above.

OWC ThunderBlade external SSD

Peripherals connect to your Mac via Thunderbolt 3 and are capable of transferring data at up to 2,800MB / s, enough to move a 1TB file in just 4.5 seconds. The 16TB version of the accessory, as you might imagine, is not exactly a bargain: it comes out for $ 4,800, but you can opt for more modest versions – the cheaper 1TB model costs $ 730. All are already for sale on the OWC website.

Thanks to the new Aura SSD family, other OWC external storage lines have also doubled their maximum capacity: the Envoy Pro EX now it reaches 4TB, costing $ 1,180 (in Thunderbolt 3 version) or $ 1,100 (in USB-C version). The line Accelsior, with super-fast speeds for RAID servers, now reaches 16TB (per $ 4,800). Not bad, huh?


Meanwhile, the Logitech did not announce anything new – but brought to Brazil two of his recent creations: the Rugged Folio and the Slim Folio, keyboard covers for different iPad models.

Logitech Rugged Folio for 7th generation iPad

Rugged Folio

Rugged Folio, as we explained, has a version only for the seventh generation iPad and brings more robust protection for your iPad – in addition to connecting to the tablet through the Smart Connector (which does not require Bluetooth) extra batteries or processes pairing. It is available for R $ 1,000 on the Logitech website.

Slim Folio for iPad Air 3rd generation

Slim Folio, on the other hand, has versions for the seventh generation iPad and the third generation iPad Air; it features less protected design and a keyboard that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth; according to the manufacturer, its battery can last up to four years with a daily use of two hours. It can be acquired by R $ 600 in several resellers, but has not yet appeared on the manufacturer’s website.


Finally, HYPER launched its newest hub for MacBooks Air / Pro. THE HyperDrive DUO 7-in-2 maintains the familiar design, which connects to the computer via its two USB-C ports, and includes an HDMI output (with 4K 60Hz support), two USB-A ports, SD and microSD card readers, and two ports USB-C ‚- one of them capable of recharging the Mac up to 100W (depending on the machine’s charging capacity, of course).

HYPER HyperDrive DUO Hub

In addition to the improved HDMI port, another novelty of this generation of HyperDrive DUO is a rubberized magnetic strip that sits between the accessory and your computer, preventing connection failures and possible impacts between the two parts (it can also be removed, if you prefer one) cleaner look). Because of this novelty, the accessory’s USB-C connectors are slightly longer than normal, which has the advantage of making the HyperDrive DUO compatible with MacBooks dressed in cases.

The HyperDrive DUO 7-in-2 is now available on the manufacturer’s website for $ 100.