OWC Delivers $ 6,000 Savings on 1.5TB RAM + 8TB SSD for New Mac Pro

OWC Delivers $ 6,000 Savings on 1.5TB RAM + 8TB SSD for New Mac Pro

We already played dreaming about the maximum possible configuration of the new Mac pro, which now reaches US $ 53,800 (or R $ 438 thousand in Brazil), but the most interest of this new workstation Apple's modularity and, as iFixit recognized, ease of upgrades. She made for it.

That is, while it is possible to pay as much as Apple charges for all these upgrades (and many companies / studios will do so), it is perfectly normal to also get a cheap entry-level Mac Pro for $ 6,000 / $ 56,000 and, From there, do the upgrades on your own.

Obviously, it makes no sense to invest so much money in such a computer and then upgrade using poor quality parts of dubious origin. So today we will introduce options from a well-known Mac upgrades maker to Other World Computing.

OWC has already released memory upgrades for the new Mac Pro and, as expected, they are not only cheaper than Apple's, but offer more options to the consumer.

Most significant is the upgrade to 1TB of RAM, which Apple simply does not offer. At Apple, you either go to 768GB or already double to 1.5TB. Already in OWC, 8 128GB combs (totaling 1TB) cost $ 14,000 and interestingly they work perfectly in the incoming Mac Pro, while Apple requires the consumer to also switch the processor to a 24 or 28 core if you want to go to the 1.5TB of memory.

Comparing them for them, at Apple the consumer has to pay $ 25,000 for 1.5TB of RAM; at OWC, $ 20,000. In both cases, we are talking about 12 128GB combs in the PC23400 2.933MHz DDR4 LRDIMM specification.

Another upgrade already offered by OWC is the solid state disk. Apple began offering the 8TB SSD option yesterday for the $ 2,600 trifle; at OWC, this same upgrade comes out for $ 1,600 and we are not talking about any SSD: it's an Accelsior 4M2 with PCIe M.2 NVMe specification, capable of reaching incredible speeds of up to 6,000MB / s on RAID 0. 😱

Obviously, as we are talking about an SSD that use a slot Mac Pro's PCIe, it would not replace the machine's original but would complement it as a second storage drive. What better yet.

Well, only with these two OWC upgrades are you would save $ 6,000 (the price of a Mac Pro). Not bad!