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Overwatch will gain hero ban system, Hero Pools

Overwatch win Heris ban system, the Hero Pools

It has been waiting for many players for some time now that Overwatch developer Blizzard implements a hero banning system in the game. In Rainbow Six titles: Siege, Dota 2 and League of Legends (LoL), for example, users are already allowed to vote for the characters of the opposing team that they think it is fair to temporarily withdraw during the match. Although this already occurs in the games mentioned, strangely the Overwatch developer is not using the functionality for some reason.

Blizzard creates "Hero Pools" for Overwatch

But, to the happiness of Overwatch players, Blizzard announced that it will be testing a system called "Hero Pools" in the game. The functionality consists of conducting a poll per week, where some characters will be removed from the game choice for 7 days. It is expected to be implemented in the next competitive season, which will last two months from the beginning of March.

Blizzard believes that with Hero Pools, players have come to use a wider variety of characters. It is important to note that it will still be possible to access the full list of fighters in Quick Play and Arcade modes. Details will still be provided on how the new system works in the Overwatch League.

Overwatch: Legendary Edition for Nintendo Switch. Source: NintendoOverwatch: Legendary Edition for Nintendo Switch. Source: Nintendo

While the new weekly hero selection system is interesting, there is a chance it will not stay beyond season 21. It all depends on how the players accept and behave when using Hero Pools. Game director Jeff Kaplan says in the Blizzard forum:

"You don't choose what the enemy team does. The challenge is to overcome the enemy team with teamwork, ingenuity and skill. I want the other team to dictate how or what I play."

In other words, the purpose of Hero Pools is not to give advantages to the teams in the game, but to level the playing field so that both teams have the same choice list.

According to Jeff, this ban on Overwatch heroes will take considerable time from the game's developers, although much of the team's effort is in Overwatch 2. Because of the additional configuration change before the start of a game, the practice of vetoing so heroes can increase the waiting time, however Blizzard intends to reduce the waiting time and not make it longer.

Blizzard also promises that there will be more balance changes more often and that they will be "impactful", so that the game stays up to date. In addition, the stadium is also implementing a way for all players to experience major changes before their arrival in the main game (not unlike public beta testing). Calling Card Try it out, it will be released soon and will make the player try to balance the updates, game modes and rules that the developer is thinking of implementing in the main modes.

There are also plans to have more anti-cheat systems in the next patches. There will also be improvements in replays (it will be possible to save and share in the game) and in the visual for the career profile.

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Source: Engadget

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