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Over 30% of people who buy new iPhones at Apple stores recycle their old devices.

Shortly after receiving an award on behalf of Apple for the company's effort in the area of ​​sustainability, Tim cook talked to GQ about the subject.

In 2017, for example, Apple announced an ambitious goal: to create products without having to remove materials from our planet, based on recycled materials. That goal was set without knowing how it could be done, but that does not seem to be a problem for Cook and his team.

The CEO commented that they also did not know how to achieve the goal of a 100% renewable energy operation, which they achieved.

an apple crusade. Yes, something I'm leading a lot but, unless I can convince the company and as CEO, you still have to do it, or at least at Apple, it won't happen.

And how to do it? Well, an important part of this plan has to do with Apple Trade In, a program in which you give your old device and get a discount on buying a new one. In fact, Cook wants people to behave similarly to what we see in the car market: when you think he no longer serves you, give it to someone who can still use it.

This year we have really changed the tone (we realized) to make the consumer think about this exchange. We have reached one third or more of the people entering our stores who are negotiating, and that number is increasing. So I think a positive sign.

The executive commented that, unfortunately, does not have this type of control (environmental implications) on the accessories of third parties, and stated that there is no way to police them. If a company wants to make an iPhone 11 case, for example, "they don't even have to call us," Cook said. "I think that's the way it should be."

This does not mean that the company cannot give a slight "push". Cook acknowledged that when it comes to products chosen to be sold at Apple stores or part of its MFi program, Apple may have some control. “We carefully decide what happens in our stores. so we put our finger on that scale to try to motivate people to do the right thing. ”

Asked if Apple had any plans to encourage other manufacturers to be more sustainable, he said that when that other manufacturer has some involvement with Apple (such as using the Ma brand or the Lightning connector), yes. Apple is even working on it, but the CEO didn't want to announce anything for now.

We'll see what the company is up to to help the planet even more.

via MacRumors