Ouya: New Open Source Console

Another open-program hardware project

The hackevel Ouya console, powered by a KickStarter campaign that has grossed nearly $ 5.6 million, has partnered with a major content platform provider, OnLive, which announced that "hundreds of fantastic, quality games console "will be available in the standalone product, which is expected to hit the market next year. ouya With open source programming, Ouya based on Android 4.0 and can run applications and games, independent or major producers. According to one of those responsible for the project, the designer Yves bhar, the console will be the size of a magic cube and will have a Tera3 Quad-Core processor, plus 1GB of RAM.

The partnership drowns out the main criticisms of the project, which claimed that open hardware would be useless if it could not run games as complex as those of the proprietary consoles.

The company had already announced a contract with Robert Bowling, the chief of the Call of Duty series, for its next release of the Human Element zombie game to be exclusive to Ouya.

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