OutSystems promotes acceleration of industrial digitization by joining PwC and Cognite platforms

The realization of a strategic partnership between PwC, Cognite and Outsystems aims to create solutions for digital transformation, in what companies refer to as an unprecedented action in the fields of manufacturing, energy and public services.

The joint solutions aim to enable scientists and industrial data engineers to manage data in order to develop applications.

The partnership also intends to remove more complex data pipelines, reducing the effort to contextualize and develop new applications.

In this context, it is intended that the ideas be put into practice in a few weeks, instead of the years that sometimes takes time to materialize.

The new platform merges Cognite Data Fusion for the operation of industrial data, with OutSystems' low-code development system and PwC's digital change management and strategies.

This shortcut allows you to save time and the ability to solve problems more effectively, through the integration of contextualized data.

And there is already a joint project under development for the Norwegian company Aarbakke, an industrial client common to the trio, the PwC Energy Experience Center, in Norway.

In the statement, Rolf Thu, the company's IT R&D and Smartfactory manager, says that with the contextualized data available at Cognite Data Fusion and the speed of application production from OutSystems allowed PwC technicians to quickly create and implement the new solution.