OutSystems: British bank is using low-code platform of Portuguese technology

OutSystems: British bank is using low-code platform of Portuguese technology

OutSystems announced this Monday that Cambridge & Counties is using its low-code platform to drive the digital transformation of the entire banking industry. In an initial phase, the British bank will use technology to develop four main components of its digital front-end platform: an online registration application, an internal application for agents, customer risk assessment and a service portal.

In a statement, the Portuguese technology explains that Cambridge & Counties Bank, based in Leicester and with branches throughout the United Kingdom, created a service that combines "some of the best elements of a traditional bank with the necessary speed, efficiency and know-how. nowadays". The objective is to offer a personalized, direct, fast and flexible service.

But how will OutSystems help the bank start its digital transformation, at a time when its current front-end solution is expected to expire in May 2020? According to the director of information technologies at Cambridge & Counties Bank, Phil Baker, during the evaluation process, the company analyzed eight different options. When we did the analysis we decided that the size, capacity and large number of OutSystems system integrators in the UK were decisive factors. That, coupled with the fact that they are leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, made us choose OutSystems, he explains.

Still justifying his decision, Phil Baker considers that OutSystems is able to offer four components: reuse, speed of development, flexibility and confidence. "The platform not only gives us confidence, but also the feeling of security, since OutSystems is a large, successful and respected company, with a great offer," he concludes.

Earlier this year, the Portuguese company internationalized the Low-Code School project launched in October 2019, a two-week training course in OutSystems technology, with free access to a professional certification exam and new career opportunities. Expecting the creation of more than 5,000 jobs for professionals with OutSystems competences by the end of 2020, the Portuguese company believes that this project responds to "the growing demand for professionals with OutSystems competences worldwide".

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