$ AAPL rises 0.70% and reaches the historic mark of $ 187.36; market value exceeds $ 950 billion!

Outside the financial sector, technology companies dominate ownership of corporate capital – and Apple leads the way

That Apple the company with the most cash in the United States, everyone knows. That the technology segment is one of the richest of all, everyone also knows. But a report from the credit risk rating agency Moody’s released today brings the two together and helps us to see the scenario a little more clearly.

Cash Ranking of North American Companies

The agency did a study among all American companies taking out those from the finance and banking industry and classified them by the amount of cash on hand. THE AppleAs expected, it was isolated in the first place, with doctors $ 215.7 billion in the piggy bank. The most interesting thing to note here is that the following four companies are direct (or almost) competitors from Ma. They are, in order: Microsoft ($ 102.6 billion), Google ($ 73.1 billion), Cisco ($ 60.4 billion) and Oracle ($ 52.3 billion).

In other words, the five richest companies in the US are all in the technology business. After these five, Pfizer appears, with US $ 39.3 billion in cash. At the Top 10 two other companies in the digital business still appear: Intel (9th place, with US $ 31.3 billion) and Qualcomm (10, with $ 30.6 billion).

Even more impressive to note that, together, only the top three on the list Apple, Microsoft and Google hold more than 23% of all cash on hand at all American non-financial companies, than a $ 1.68 rail buyout. If we consider all technology companies, they have 46% (US $ 777 billion) of the total money.

really amazing, and according to Moody's the concentration of capital in the sector tends to increase: generate cash flow ”, says the agency's report.

(via Apple World Today)