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Out of Milk Shopping List

You arrive from the supermarket with kilos of meat, a new flavor diffuser for your cabinets, two or three new X-Box games and several beer bottles. And then you realize that something is missing for the cake you are going to make for your visits: just the milk … Or you still have that situation where you think all year long about the gift you give your mother on the day. On your birthday and just on that day, you are so full of things to do that you forget to go shopping to buy it (or even buy it online). There is still that super embarrassing situation that your boss has been asking for the employment contract signed a few weeks ago and you arrive every day on time in the office, bump into your boss and … so nan! No signed contracts … If you identify with similar situations, then you better take a look at the review we did for an app that could end these little problems: the Out of Milk Shopping List.

Functions & Usage

Out of Milk Shopping List is an app that lets you create varied shopping lists, create an overview of available foods, and manage your own to-do lists. You can also add additional lists, price quotes and you can easily and quickly add purchases with the help of a barcode reader. There are only three categories the app offers: Shopping List, Stock List, and To Do List.

In the first list, you have an overview of your current shopping list. Once a list is open, you can view its content and modify it by adding new products, for example. For this you can choose between manually adding or using the application's integrated barcode reader. Choosing to add manually makes the application simplify your work. For example, if you choose bread, the app will offer you different types of bread to specify what you want. You save time with this. Another interesting feature is the Edit function. With it you can specify the quantity to buy and the price per unit. And by providing the price regularly, you will be able to observe the evolution of your purchasing power. In addition, Out of Milk automatically calculates the value of your purchases and the remaining sum.

In another application domain, the pantry. There are two kinds of lists for her: the spice rack and the basic products. One has a slightly different gesture of subcategories. As with the shopping list, you can add products with the barcode reader or manually. With the Edit function, you can specify the existing quantity and / or its prices. In the list overview, you will have the remaining amount and its cost. Do you realize that some specific product is already missing. It can be added to your shopping list.

The last function, a little part, is the to-do list. As with the functions described, it is easy to create a list. With the Edit function, you can add an important date and take notes. In configurations, you can modify some useful things, such as the currency and taxes associated with the product.


The Out of Milk Shopping List is a really useful tool that proves to be very practical as well as being very well designed. The options of adding products manually or by scanning barcodes makes it even more interesting. Not to mention that it is an application that saves those disorganized with regard to dates to be met or purchases to make. But do not forget: you can not forget to take your phone with you in the supermarket!

Screen & Controls

Using Out of Milk Shopping List is very easy and intuitive. It does not take long to adapt to the application. The design is very interesting: simple, but designed with small details that make it very "nice".

Speed ​​& Stability

The Out of Milk Shopping List worked smoothly and smoothly during our tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

Out of Milk Shopping List is available for free from the Android Market. There is of course a Pro version of the app with a few more features. It does not come with advertising banners: plus point.

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